How much time will I have to dedicate to the program as a student? 

On average you will need to spend between 6 and 8 hours per week.  This includes attending seminars and workshops, as well as working independently and with your team.  It will be up to you to balance your schedule with the other members of your team while you work on your design challenge together.  This means that there could be weeks where your workload will be quite low and others where it will be significantly higher---it will be up to you to manage this appropriately.

How many design challenge projects will I get to work on?

You and your assigned team will work on one design challenge during the entire 7-month period.

Can I choose the design challenge project that I will work on?

We will do our best to assign students to their first-choice challenge.  Once you apply, we will contact you to discuss potential design challenges.  This is why applying early is important.  It is our intention to offer every student the opportunity to work on a challenge that is meaningful, relevant, and exciting for him or her.

How will the design-challenge teams be chosen?

Our main priority when building the teams will be diversity, which we feel is a key component to human-centered, design-driven innovation.

What level of competence will I need to do well in the program?

We require a bachelor degree (in any subject), at least two years of work experience, and working knowledge of English and Norwegian.